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Many factors contribute to ergonomics, but push/pull normally dominates our conversations with our clients. In most cases, we need to reduce push/pull as much as possible. However, in most cases some other aspect of the application will guide our decision to select the perfect caster. Is there debris, will the carts also be used in towlines, what is the ideal weight capacity, etc.? These questions and many more help us to dial in on the best caster for each of our unique clients. Whatever direction we go, we always start off with a push/pull measurement of the old wheels to compare to the old wheels. We undertook a study with The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute to account for injury risk in natural settings. We use these guidelines in our measurements.

Finally, your caster wheel tread needs to match your facility. The two main types of tread are donut and flat/slightly crowned. A donut tread is better for noise, cushion, debris, and is actually at times better for ergonomics when you have the perfect amount of weight for the wheel. Flat or slightly-crowned caster wheels will handle more weight because there is less compression. Caster rigs are the metal piece that holds the wheel. This part of the casters is just as important as the caster wheel and can literally either make or break your caster.

High Quality and Good Price 3 Inch Plastic Caster wheel for Furniture and Office Wheel Use is exquisitely manufactured by state-of-the-art technology.It presents different styles can be in line with different needs of clients.And It presents different styles can be in line with different needs of clients. Zhongshan LP Hardware Co., Ltd. using unique innovative thinking and strong innovation capabilities, we have developed new products with cross-age significance. Furniture Casters In the future, Zhongshan LP Hardware Co., Ltd. will rely on strong R&D capabilities to update and iterate the original products, and strive to provide customers with better quality products. Not only that, the company will also uphold the service concept to Improve services and strive to provide services that exceed customer expectations.

Casters are never used in a vacuum. There is an actual facility where these casters will be used. In this facility, these casters will be used in on a specific application. Broadly speaking, most applications will be either hand-held or tugged, which you can read more about below, but the specific conditions of the facility will greatly affect which caster you choose. Consider some of these things. First, what does the flooring of your facility look like? Is it damaged with large potholes and other impediments? Is the flooring soft or hard? Do you need to preserve your flooring to a high degree?

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