High quality professional indemnity policy advice for health professionals

Top investment guides for medical professionals? Dr Good Money is a Doctor who is Good with Money. The Idea of Dr Good Money came with the experience of the Financial Challenges doctors got exposed to during Covid times. It was a general opinion that Doctors profession is stable and recession proof, which till now was considered to be true, and to some extent it actually is. But, OPDs were shut, Surgeries are being delayed, and patients also prefer tele calling with Doctors as visiting hospitals may expose them to more risk, that showed doctors Income may also be in distress in some situations.

You Will get a Wealth Monitor,as in online Real time view of your Investments and Assets, to have a clear Idea on where you are going. Don’t Worry. We will help you Organize in your Money Matters and Manage the Financials Responsibly for you. We Serve Doctors at all Life stages. The Major benefits is the Peace of Mind and the feeling of Wellness that now your finances are being taken care of Responsibly for your benefit. You will enjoy the process and be always sure that the right quantum of money be available with you as and when required.

Just Like you, we also do not advise without Diagnosing. So at this step we will require you to fill up the data sheet to share your Complete financial details and goals with us, so we can do our analysis and your Financial Health Check. If you find difficulty in collating data, we handhold you and guide in the whole process. We will do your Risk profiling too, to understand tolerance towards Market movements and what kind of Investment Allocation would suit you for your Long term Investments.

Manikaran Singal is the Founder and Chief Financial Planner at Dr Good Money. Manikaran is MBA Finance (Gold medalist), Certified Financial Planner and SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. Having 17+ years of extensive experience, he is managing clients across the globe. He has authored a book titled – “The Art of Being Good with Money” published by CNBC TV 18, India’s Biggest Media House. He is a Regular Contributor in leading Media Houses and his articles keep getting published in different prominent business magazines and Journals. He is of the strong Opinion that Money Behaves the Way you treat it. and if you really want to get Good out of it, first you have to behave good with it. Discover more information at retirement planning for doctors.

Will You work with my CA or do i have to engage someone from your team ? Chartered Accountants and Certified Financial Planners have different expertise, though in some areas we both have overlapping knowledge of each other space. If you file your IT returns through your CA, we will provide all the necessary documents required from our side. There’s no Compulsion of engaging someone from our team. However if you want us to do this arrangement for you we can do it, through our associations with CAs.

With the stable profession and Recession proof Income, you are exposed to many sellers and less advisors. You are sold with Credit Cards, Different Types of easy Loans with less documentation. You become the preferred choice of Real Estate Brokers. Slowly you find that with money going into all the debts, your Financial Wellness is getting Compromised. Due to time constraints, You are exposed to many MIS sellers. You have a lot of insurance policies but still, are under insured. You may have a lot of mutual funds with no targeted goals. You may also have invested in PMS with no understanding of how it actually works. You oblige everyone from bankers, friends, to relatives, and end up with a skewed portfolio with no clear cut structure and direction. See more info at https://drgoodmoney.com/.