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Trudy Darwin PR or the growth of a PR agency? Choose The Right Platform- this is an area where many tech firms have difficulties. You want to be on every social media platform because you think you have to be. The truth is, you only want to be on the platforms that your target audience is on. That way, you can be assured that you are reaching the people who are interested in your brand and not wasting your marketing efforts.

Best tech PR trends for 2020 – 2021 ? Journalism and Storytelling – storytelling has been slowly growing in popularity among many tech startups as customers like to know that there are real people behind the brand. In 2020, we will see an increase in editorial storytelling, as this method of attracting media attention directly influences decision makers, where the standard press release does not.

TDC is thrilled to announce we have been shortlisted for two Global Marketing Awards in 2020 for Best Integrated Campaign and Best Global PR Campaign. The Global Marketing Awards recognize and celebrate the world’s very best marketing agencies and most innovative campaigns across all marketing channels, regardless of where an entrant is located across the seven continents. The awards will feature 36 categories, and winners will be announced virtually on October 15, 2020 in an online celebration of excellence. The judging panel comprises of several stellar marketing experts, many brand side marketers, who know what it takes to shine and succeed in a competitive world. A Global Marketing Award recognizes the best in world class marketing. Discover extra information on Integrated Agency.

By working closely with a PR agency that follows these principles, and which offers a journalistic approach to promoting them, CEOs will find that they will raise their profile with a portfolio of published articles. Editors are always glad to hear from people with something pertinent to say, provoking the creation of new thinking or discussions about ideas, trending issues and innovation. So, the process should ideally begin with a brainstorming session and then with the drafting of some article synopses that reveal what the article will be about, while also offering a range of potential sources that could be included in the article to support the thought-leadership arguments of a client.

Trudy Darwin has been delivering successful business and technology PR campaigns for over 20 years in a variety of markets and industries. Based in London, England and the USA, she offers a unique aptitude for complex technologies, digital business theories and consumer trends. Her team of international journalists are writing for top publications and her team of digital media experts support campaign objectives. Together with certifications in SPIN® Selling and Certified Sales Specialist (MCSS) her team has the expertise to convert customers in a digital age. Read additional details at Trudy Darwin PR.

techUK recently published an industry report, Digital Ethics in 2019: Making digital ethics relevant to the lives people lead, that highlights the key steps necessary to move forward digital ethics. In it, the report concludes industry must: convert ethical principles into tangible actions that make digital ethics relevant and beneficial to the real lives people lead, demonstrate how taking an ethical approach is having an impact on the way they operate, and actively reference the key ethical principles and values that are driving change to the way companies are operating in the media.